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Adam Page

Denomination: Non-denominational Evangelical (the church I attend is rooted in the SBC, but a lot of what we do is pretty unconventional even for most Baptists)


Christian background: I grew up in a Christian family and attended the local Calvary Chapel for many years. I went to a Christian high school and began to develop some interests in a few dogmatic issues. After I met my wife we began looking for different churches before settling on our current one because we wanted to make sure that we were getting good sound teaching (both expositional and topical) and that the worship time was powerful and brought us closer to God. My passion for some of the more tertiary issues has come about because we are currently going through aSystematic Theology class with the pastor of our church. Currently I am learning a lot about Bibliology, but we will be going through general Theology, Christology, Ecclesiology, Angelology and Eschatology before it’s all said and done. I have a real passion for Eschatology. I once wrote a 30-page, single-spaced paper on the signs of the times in high school, just for fun (I’m weird, I know).

Favorite Bible verse: Philippians 3:8-10

Other things about me: I’ve been married for 3 ½ years and my wife and I have a daughter who is almost a year old. I play in the worship band at my church and also have another Celtic band on the side. I’m also getting my masters in applied statistics while working full-time, so websites likeChristian Diversity are a welcome aside to a fairly busy life.

I would love to see a wide variety of perspectives brought together on this website under the banner of Christianity, and done so in a respectful yet opinionated way. Too often even dogmatic issues can cause irreparable rifts among believers, but as we are all brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ, we should approach each other with love and humility, as we all try our best to understand our God. I love that He is mysterious, but has provided us with enough information to get a good sense of what He is like. I hope to glean some useful insight from others on this site, as well as impart some of my knowledge; this is fruitful for spiritual growth, and I’m excited to see what God will do with this!

Chris Reese

Chris Reese is an editor and authors the blog Cloud of Witnesses.  He’s an avid racquetball player, fan of Christian hard music, and devotee of Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee.

Chris grew up Southern Baptist, later attended a PCA church, and now attends a non-denominational church.  Chris leans toward a dispensational view of Scripture, isn’t strongly Calvinist or Arminian, and believes there are mysteries in Scripture we won’t understand this side of heaven.

You can connect with Chris on Facebook,Twitter, and at

Cory Tucholski:

Cory Tucholski is the founder and director of Josiah Concept Ministries, a Christian ministry dedicated to back-to-basics approaches to apologetics and philosophy in the spirit of King Josiah (2 Kgs 22:1-23:30). Cory is currently seeking a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and is a member of the Evagelical Philosophical Society.

Cory is married to the love of his life and has two amazing kids. When he isn’t writing about the joy of following Christ, he is spending time with these special gifts from God.

In addition to confessing the ecumenical creeds, Cory is Reformed in the tradition of the Westminster Confession of Faith, with a few differences of opinion on God’s sovereignty and baptism that will likely come out in future articles. Unique among modern Christians, Cory is a historicist regarding the end times.

You can follow Cory on Facebook and Twitter. Cory can be contacted by e-mail at

Dan O’Day

Dan is an eccentric 20-going-on-30-something postmodern reactionary. He tries really hard to be a devoted Christ follower, but he fails miserably. Somewhere along the way he learned to stop asking what he could do for God and he began focusing on what God has done for him. After a lifetime of learning that Christianity is all about “Christ in you,” Dan is beginning to understand that it’s all about “Christ for you.” The focus is really on Jesus, not His followers!

Check out Dan’s site at

J.W. Wartick (Site Admin)

Hello! I’m J.W. Wartick and Christian Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion are my passions. God continually opens new opportunities in this area. I have been accepted to Biola University to work towards a Master’s Degree in Christian Apologetics.

As part of my mission with apologetics, I’d love to hear questions and answer them as best as I can. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you’d like to see addressed in my blog or personally.

I am a student member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society.

I am a Lutheran, though I don’t line up with every specifically Lutheran view. I believe the Bible is inerrant, I believe in libertarian freedom of the will, I am an egalitarian, and I don’t think it matters much whether creationism, intelligent design, or theistic evolution is true. The destruction of unborn human life is abhorrent.

Check out my web site,, for more of my writings on philosophy of religion.


Wartick, Joseph, Book Review: Revelation by Richard Swinburne, Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics, Volume 1, p. 5-8.


Lee (AKA Disciple)

My name is Lee which was my grandmother’s middle name, the only grandparent still alive when I came along and the finest disciple of Christ I’ve ever known. I’ve been using the psuedonym of “Disciple” for a while now, in part to honor her memory and in part to spur me on to greater effort on the Christian path. Would that my writing, my life and my effort really, in fact, honor her, but, alas, at every moment I fall far, far short of any of these lofty goals. But I will not despair. As long as I have breath within me, by God’s grace, I will try again and again. And one day I hope to see her once more so that I may tell her how my love and respect for her have only grown with every passing day.

I was raised Methodist, participated in youth groups, and sang in the choir from a very young age until I left my hometown to go off to college (a brief adventure due to lack of funds and a distinct lack of effort and interest on my part). I spent most of my time there reading books that had nothing to do with my official studies, and discovered that philosophy and psychology were much more interesting than my alleged major: English, secondary education. At least, what I was reading on my own in those subjects was more interesting than what my teachers tried in vain to teach me. In short, I was bored out of my mind in class, thrilled with what I was discovering in my own wandering.

Soon I became interested in exploring other religions and roamed far from my earlier Christian roots. To read about that in more detail, see my reply post at the forum at the Catholic Answers website or the About Me page at my blog, Catholic Heart and Mind. After forty years of wandering (yes, I did, with a thrill, notice the symbolism at the time), I finally heard the call to come home to Christ. And, by His grace, I answered His call and did make the journey home. I was received into full communion with the Catholic Church in 1996 and was filled with joy that night. And the joy is deeper now, much deeper than I had imagined possible. And I know that that joy will continue to grow until the time comes when our joy will be complete.

I can hardly wait!

Thank you for reading. May the peace of Christ be with you, whoever and wherever you are.

And the peace of God, which surpasseth all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:7Douay Rheims version).

Paul Adams

After retiring from the Air Force and successfully completing graduate studies in philosophy of religion from Denver Seminary, I have worked in the IT industry, taught full-time as adjunct professor of philosophy and religious studies, developed and conducted multiple small group leadership seminars, and served briefly as a pastor. I hold memberships in the Society of Christian Philosophers, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and the Evangelical Theological Society.

To read how I came to be a Christ-follower, browse to my journey page. You may view my personal doctrinal statement here. To learn more about my theology and academic interests, please visit Essays & Expositions.


My name is Michael. I was born in 1978 in a little corner of Africa which has long since been washed away by the ravages of political and economic turmoil, and I’ve spent time in more than 25 countries since then. I currently live in Melbourne. Professionally, I started out in engineering (electro-mechanical), then went into software development, and now I’m doing a PhD in marine ecosystem modelling.

My basic worldview is Christian. I do not label myself by a denomination because I am more concerned with primary articles of faith, and the differences between denominations are based on secondary or even tertiary issues of doctrine. The core articles of Christian faith (take the Nicene Creed for a quick summary) are held in common by every Christian denomination. Also generally held in common is the fact that all other issues are not of primary importance. If you want a more detailed understanding of what Christianity actually is (and what is peripheral), read Mere Christianityby C. S. Lewis. In fact, read it anyway. It’s a great book.

I believe that we are all aware – however much we may ignore it and deny it – of God’s presence. As such, I also believe that a strict materialistic worldview is untenable, as it cannot be reconciled with our awareness of God. I believe that science, as a discipline, offers great power to unravel the secrets of the physical world, but I also believe that as humans we have a supernatural element to our existence. By definition this supernatural aspect eludes scientific inquiry, and thus to fully understand ourselves and our place in the universe, science is insufficient. I believe that the created universe declares its Creator, and I also believe that God has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ, and that we can encounter Him personally in the Holy Spirit.

I regard the Bible as being trustworthy and inspired by God. I don’t claim that I have an answer or an explanation for every difficult passage in the Bible, but I note that Jesus viewed scripture as being God’s word to us, and I’m prepared to accept the whole Bible on his recommendation. There are plenty of things in the Bible that I struggle with. But I accept that challenge in the knowledge that God knows better than I do.

I’m particularly motivated to write about the interfaces between Christianity, science and philosophy. I read a great deal (both fiction and non-fiction), I enjoy discussion and I find it difficult to forgo coffee. You can find more of my caffeine-infused scribbling at Spiritual Meanderings.

Having been graced with an extremely popular first name and surname, I often choose to post under the tag ‘Sentinel’ instead.

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